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Training - Tactile Metrology

You will get to know the latest tactile measuring systems from Zeiss and learn how to use them correctly. All tactile training courses are performed directly in the measuring room where we have different types and sizes of CMMs.

Training module CALYPSO

Thanks to its feature-oriented interface CALYPSO has revolutionized the programming in tactile metrology and is therefore unbeatable easy to use.

The goal of the training is to learn the correct way of measuring your workpieces and get deeper insights in the software.

  • Coordinate systems
  • Concept of CALYPSO
  • Calibrate stylus
  • Base system and clearance planes
  • Strategy
  • Program optimization
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Automation mode
  • Protocol output

Training module HOLOS

HOLOS is a modular software package for measuring free-form surfaces. Furthermore, the module Geo lets you inspect ruled geometries.

The goal of the HOLOS training is that you learn to measure freeform surfaces as well as standard geometries manually and CNC.

  • Briefing on the system configuration
  • CAD processors
  • Convert CAD data
  • Rendering
  • Selection of objects
  • Model management with HOLOS
  • Evaluations
  • Analysis of freeform geometries