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topometric GmbH - your centre of expertise in industrial metrology engineering

topometric GmbH is the leading industrial metrology expert centre. Long-standing experience helps us offer a broad range of services and knowledge to our customers. This includes optical and tactile metrology, individual planning and making automated optical measuring cells, industrial computer tomography as well as CAD construction incl. devices and gauges. Latest equipment and a team of experienced and certified application technicians and engineers warrant high-quality and flexible processing of your projects at our sites or at yours.
Optical Metrology Optical Metrology

Optical Metrology

Optical metrology comprises digiti­zation in­clu­ding evalu­ation and dynamic de­for­mation ana­lysis of parts of any size.more »

Tactile Metrology Tactile Metrology

Tactile Metrology

When performing tactile metrology in our measuring labs, we check all character­istics of a sample with high pre­cision. Using serial measuring equip­ment, we handle even high num­bers of pieces with­out any trouble.more »

Automation Automation


We plan, design and build indi­vidual robotic optical measuring cells that per­fectly match your parts and demands. more »

CAD Construction CAD Construction

CAD Construction

CAD construction enables reverse engi­neering pro­jects and assists you in gauge and fixture con­struction. more »

CT - Industrial computer tomography CT - Industrial computer tomography

Industrial CT

Industrial computer tomo­graphy faci­li­tates recor­ding the in­ternal con­dition of parts with a re­so­lution of up to 4 µm. more »

Metrology Training Metrology Training


In our training centre we offer 10 high-end work stations for GOM soft­ware trai­ning and other programmes. more »

CSR 200 - Collaborative Scanning Robot

Rollentausch in der Messtechnik: Jetzt dreht sich das Bauteil um den Sensor

Auf der automatica 2018 präsentieren wir erstmalig die neu entwickelte autarke Messeinheit: den Collaborative Scanning Robot, kurz CSR 200.

CSR 200 Produktwebseite


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Since July 1, Hermann Eiblmeier is responsible for our Munich office. The mechanical engineer first worked for several years in the field of development, design and consulting.