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topometric - the company


When the company was founded in 2001, its staff of three began to merge their long-standing experience in metrology engineering and to offer it to customers as a service partner named topometric.

As early as 2007, available space in Uhingen became too small and the plans for our first own building were put into action in 2008. That is how the current head office in Göppingen-Jebenhausen was born, now called "Werk 1" (plant 1).

Development continued so that "Werk 2" had to be built in 2012. The whole optical metrology department moved in there.

"Werk 3" was installed in 2014 - just two years later - a development and assembly shop providing further 2,700 square metres. This hall hosts automation, CAD construction and dynamic deformation analysis.

In parallel with the development in Göppingen, a site in Munich was opened in 2013 that moved one year later into the 600 square metre space of Unterschleissheim.

With nearly 80 employees and over 20 years of experience in industrial metrology engineering, topometric is busy in almost any industry including automotive, aerospace, tool and mould, plastic processing and medical technology.