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CAD Construction

For many years we have supported our customers beyond the traditional scope of industrial measurement engineering in matters of CAD. To reduce the number of suppliers and resulting interface problems, we provide the whole workflow, from real component to completed 3D model, from a single source.

We are using all the classic CAD systems like CATIA V5, Siemens NX, TEBIS or SolidWorks. They are specially designed for the different demands of customers and branches.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering converts 3D models and construction plans of an existing component into a virtual product model, reconstructing the path of development from the product backwards to the CAD model. This process saves time and costs for product development and optimisation.

Gauge/fixture construction

The cooperation of highly qualified measuring engineers and CAD designers with many years of practical experience allows us to support our customers from a single source in planning, building and manufacturing devices that are fine-tuned to the measuring job, saving you time and costs by rendering optimisation and correction loops obsolete.

Technical Equipment

  • Siemens NX10, 64 bit
  • CATIA V5, 64 bit
  • TEBIS 4.0, 64 bit
  • SolidWorks 2015, 64 bit