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3D Digitization and Serial Measurement

Our 3D digitization services comprise data collection at topometric's or at the customer's site. The measuring object may be of any size from tiny parts like tooth implants or clockwork components up to large objects like complete aeroplanes. The resolution of the contactless optical sensors is several million measuring points per snapshot taken.

3D data gained can be further processed as follows:

  • Collecting data in an STL data record
  • Generating target/performance comparisons with CAD data of any orientation
  • Shape and position analyses
  • Initial sample test reports according to drawing specifications
  • Reverse engineering
  • Parametric CAD construction

3D Serial Measurement

Being a top pioneering service provider, we have applied fully automated measuring cells to series testing since 2010. Individual solutions help digitise a huge number of components in a very short time.

Serial measurements are used when several parts of a model have to be measured and high reproducability is demanded. Time may be saved here even with low numbers of pieces. These serial measuring systems may also be used with topometric staff at your site, when needed. Some results of this serial measurement may be:

  • almost all statistically relevant characteristics
  • trend analyses
  • checking process and machine abilities
  • series supervision