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Overview Optical Metrology

Being the largest European provider of services in optical measurement engineering, we rely exclusively on GOM products. Our engineers, using latest technology, are guarantors for useful measurement results.


ATOS - 3D Digitization and Serial Measurement »

Optically digitizing with the ATOS system, we acquire a detailed 3D model of a part's overall surface with a resolution of several million measuring points. The resulting polygon model is the foundation of target/performance comparisons, analyses, reverse engineering and many other applications. more information »


TRITOP - 3D Coordinate Measuring System »

The mobile TRITOP 3D coordinate measuring system enables us to obtain coordinates of 3D objects of any size, quickly and reliably. This measurement is used, among other things, for quality assurance of great objects, model and prototype surveys or calibrating reference point arrays for subsequent digitization.more information »


PONTOS - 3D Motion Analysis »

The PONTOS systems use measuring points to obtain highly dynamically segments of parts for a defined period. Visual and numerical results render the dynamic component behaviour visible so that it can be further analysed and included in a simulation, among other things. Frequent sectors of application are movement and vibration analyses of machines, thermodynamic analyses and deformation analyses. more information »


ARAMIS - 3D Deformation Analysis »

ARAMIS facilitates the planar collection, presentation and analysis of distortions of parts and material specimens. This yields a very good understanding of the behaviour of the part and its material. ARAMIS yields not only 3D coordinates and movements. Insights into the processes and material properties of the test surface are also gained by strain and stress analysis. more information »