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Tactile Metrology

In quality assurance, ultra-high precision and flexibility are increasingly demanded. We have adjusted to that demand in tactile measurement by equipping our measuring labs perfectly according to our customers' requirements. The high qualification of our measuring engineers, the level 2 climate control of the labs and the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation contribute to our competitive advantage.

Our machine park of currently 10 coordinate measuring equipments - all made by Zeiss - is complemented with diverse circularity testing sets, measuring microscopes or contouring and surface measuring systems.

Topometric is the perfect contact for your enquiries regarding series measurements, initial sampling, commissioned measurements of any kind, whether at our site or at yours, or training and qualification of your measuring lab staff.

Initial sampling

Quickly and expertly we create initial sampling test reports so that you can show to your customers the quality level that their products need. Of course they will be informed about the measuring equipment used, the uncertainties, error analyses and documentation.

Series measurements

Our equipment designed for series measurements, consisting of 3 identical coordinate measuring systems made by Zeiss, allows us to measure several thousand parts quickly and easily in 3-shift service every day of the week.

Roughness and contourings measurements

Roughness and contourings measurement scans the surface condition (topography) of a workpiece and documents it. Our contouring instrumentations made by Mahr allow us adapting flexibly to your demands and maintaining your quality standard.

Shape measurements

Shape measurement registers even micron-sized deviations from the geometrical ideal and documents them to sustain operability and quality of your workpieces. Insights gained help streamline your production processes while saving costs.