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Training - Optical and Tactile Measurements

We would like to join you on your way to success with our training programmes. They are designed to use learnt knowledge efficiently as soon as possible.

You may receive basic or insider knowledge of industrial measurement engineering. Our training consists of modules with distinct topics that you can book individually according to your needs. We are paying much attention to making sure that acquired theoretical knowledge can be practically used and extended right at our own measuring systems.

Certified training centre for GOM ATOS, GOM Inspect Professional and TRITOP seminars

For our southern German GOM customers we provide basic or advanced training in GOM ATOS and GOM Inspect Professional as well as TRITOP courses at our site in Göppingen. GOM VMR training in our rooms is not only off-line but also online at the measuring cell.

GOM's measuring and analysis software is used to train data collection and analysis with the ATOS, TRITOP and PONTOS systems. The VMR (Virtueller Messraum = Virtual Measuring Space) module for scan boxes and single cells can be learnt in online or offline mode.


  • Performing measurements
  • Adjusting and calibrating the system
  • Preparing measuring objects

GOM Inspect Professional:

  • Inspections
  • Surface comparisons
  • Shape and position tolerances
  • Project templates
  • Stage projects and trend analyses


  • Create measuring programmes online and offline
  • Collision check and optimising robotic paths